About Ainsley's Angels Power to Push

Shaun Evans is an ultra runner from upstate NY.  His son Shamus was born with cerebral palsy and as a result he uses a wheelchair as his primary means of mobility.  In 2013 the Evans family fundraised for a Freedom running chair through Ainsley's Angels and Shaun and Shamus immediately began running races together.  In just their second race together they ran the Sweltering Summer 6 hour ultramarathon.  During the 6 hour event race the duo covered over 45 miles together and in doing so WON the Race by running further than any of the other 100 participants that day.  While Shaun leaned on Shamus to pull him along, Shamus' mother, Nichole and brother, Simon, offered support and encouragement.  The family had so much fun that Shamus thought they should run that far EVERY day during his school summer vacation. 

For 2 years the family trained, planned and fundraised as the aimed to spread the mission of Ainsley's Angels from coast to coast.   During the summer of 2015Shaun and Shamus ran 3200 miles from Seattle to New York City, while Nichole and Simon supported every step of the way.    The family spent the summer promoting inclusion and gifting chairs to 30 families along the way!  After the 2015 success, the Power to Push mission continued into 2016 and beyond. In 2017 the family promoted inclusion and spread the mission of Ainsley’s Angels as they ran down the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana once again donating running chairs and energizing ambassadorships along their route.  The mission aims to create national growth by increasing awareness about Ainsley's Angels, inclusion, and by providing the gift of mobility to others in the form of running chairs. 

Email us at Education@ainsleysangels.org